A little about me…

I've been in the Recreational Vehicle Industry for five years. I spent my time prior to the RV Business working in retailing, which involved sales, marketing and management. I learned the importance of building rapport and encouraging referrals.

My intent is to enjoy myself and enable my customers to enjoy themselves. I hope they laugh at my jokes, which are designed to be funny, otherwise they get parked (the jokes that is). If you can't laugh and enjoy yourself, rapport is elusive.

Lets Connect Socially!

I like to sincerely enjoy myself and further wish to create a most enjoyable presentation for the customer. My intent is ensuring that we both have a lot of fun and take up a most effective interactive marketing style.

My goal is to encourage my customer(s) to laugh, when we first meet and also when we depart. The idea is, if the customer(s) enjoys themselves, they will remember me and ask for me when they come back to entertain purchasing.

All joking aside, Trailblazer RV offers amazing service, as after you are sold the product, what you get next is the parts and service department. Trailblazer RV consistently scores 4.5 or up in online reviews, which is exemplary customer satisfaction.

Trailblazer RV has been in business for in excess of a quarter century and has learned how to do it and how not to do it. Trailblazer has been affiliated with KZ RV for in excess of 17 years and is their largest dealership in N.A.

The present management team has worked up through the ranks and are industry-leading employees. I am ecstatic that management knows more than me, as that offers you and I the input we need to make this a desirable deal.

Thanks for your esteemed time. The Old Guy In The Straw Hat.


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