Manufacturer Partners

K-Z Recreational Vehicles
KZ RV builds recreational vehicles that fit a variety of lifestyles. They are an outstanding manufacturer of travel trailers, travel trailer toy haulers, fifth wheels, and fifth wheel toy haulers. KZ products include: Sportsmen, Durango, Spree, Vision, MXT, Venom, Inferno, etc...
Venture RV

A subsidiary of KZ Recreational Vehicles, Venture RV offers some of the most innovative and industry changing towable and lightweight travel trailers in the industry. Venture RV builds the Sport Trek and Sonic.

THOR Motorcoach

the #1 Motorhome Brand in North America, producing nearly 1 out of every 4 motorhomes sold each year. Formed in 2010 as a strategic merger of Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International, they build many of the world's most recognized motorhomes. As an industry leader in introducing cutting-edge innovations. THOR Motorcoach products include: Chateau, Citation, Hurricane, and Axis

Roadtrek Motorhomes

In January of 2019 Roadtrek Motorhomes closed their doors. Trailblazer has a limited number of Roadtreks still available at reduced prices. We are able to provide warranty and continue to service all of our Roadtrek owners.

Coachmen Northern Spirit

Exclusive to the RV Care network, Northern Spirit was designed with one question in mind: How can we make your camping experience more enjoyable? We think the way to accomplish this is to simplify the camping experience. We call this back to the basics approach Camping Simplified. What is Camping Simplified? It's providing all of the little things, in the right places, to give you the best camping experience possible. Whether it's a laundry hamper and tooth brush holder in the bathroom, a place to hide your valuables, or a convenient storage area for your sink covers and fishing poles Camping Simplified is there to make your life easier.