Our Management Team

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  • Bill Burnett
    General Manager

  • Chris Graham
    Sales Manager

    A little about me…

    I've been in the RV industry for 13 years, all of them with Trailblazer. I spent my first two years at Trailblazer RV in the service department working as a service advisor and doing new RV orientations (show throughs). In the off season I would pick up extra hours working in the shop and eventually achieved my RVDA/RVIA RV Technician Certification which I still hold to this day.

    My passion however, has always been for sales (RV or otherwise.) I worked as a salesperson for 9 seasons at Trailblazer before taking over management of the sales department. During those 9 years I was consistently a top performer and held the top spot for 6 (consecutive) years.  My approach to sales is a simple one: Provide a remarkable customer experience and absolutely never mislead your customer. I link professional salesmanship very closely with what most people would simply call "customer service". It is my belief that by providing an exceptional customer experience and always being honest and forthcoming with information, you make it easy for a customer to relax and find an RV that suits their desires.

    One of the defining moments of my sales career was when I realized this:  We have fantastic RVs here and we provide exceptional service, however there are A LOT of options out there for somebody who is looking to purchase an RV. Many RV shoppers that I meet might not find the right fit at Trailblazer or with me... and that is absolutely fine. No sales trainer teaches that, it's just common sense.

    When I'm not at work at Trailblazer (which is rare from April to September) I love traveling of any kind. Whether it's backpacking around Vietnam, hanging loose in Hawaii, or towing a travel trailer into the middle of the desert on the Baja Sur. However, my travel style of choice the last few years is (yup, you guessed it) RVing with my beautiful wife Cassandra, my daughter Kaia, and my son Koa.

    It is impossible to build a career in this industry without falling in love with the lifestyle. I always encourage everybody on our team at Trailblazer to get out and try the RV lifestyle. Most of them do... and it only makes us better equipped to help our customers fall in love with it too. 

  • Rae-anne Graham
    Service Manager

    I first started working at Trailblazer RV 13 years ago.  When I started I was detailing units during the summers while I finished my Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge.   It is at that time that my passion for understanding RVs and how they work was really sparked.  We had always camped all summer when I was a kid, but I had never been interested in the how or why everything worked, I just knew that it was a lot of fun.

    I finished my degree in 2007, but my thirst for knowledge had apparently not yet been quenched. That spring I began working full time at Trailblazer.  I started in the parts warehouse but quickly realized that I was better suited to be interacting with people so I moved to the service counter.  I spent the next several years rejecting traditional service department stereotypes by striving to provide and honest, informative, and even FUN service experience for as many people as I could, while also trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible from some of the greatest minds in the RV industry that I was able to work for and with. 

    I worked on that counter for 8 years, but when we moved to our new location in Acheson I was given the opportunity to lead the team.  Although my new role has presented me with many more areas in which to feed my insatiable thirst for knowledge, I secretly still love helping customers from the counter, so that is usually where you will find me.  Not to worry, the crusade to end the evil service department stereotype continues!!  

  • Dale Norman
    Parts Manager