Join Our Team

In anticipation of a growth season in 2018, we're expanding our sales team.

We are looking for one or two highly motivated people to add to our professional and stable sales team.  Trailblazer's sales professionals enjoy a 5 day work week, base + commission + accessory commission pay structure with a $3000 monthly minimum guarantee.

Here are a few of the things that Trailblazer RV commits to our salespeople:

  • A clear understanding of what is expected of each salesperson.
  • Ample opportunity to sell in excess of 75-100 units per year.
  • A continued effort to be one of the most aggressive dealerships in Northern Alberta (i.e.: Advertising, marketing, and inventory).
  • As much support as possible from other departments: Detailing, Service, Business Office, Parts, etc.
  • Sales and Personal growth training for selected sales and/or product education.
  • Direct day-to-day support from management team, and an open door philosophy.
  • A safe working environment.
  • To process and pay all commissions by the first day of the following month

In return, we expect of our salespeople:

  • Be at the dealership from beginning to end of shift.
  • Keep a keen focus on (and contribute to) a better RV experience for our customers.  This includes engaging all customers in a friendly and professional manner regardless of whether or not it is my "up".
  • Arrive at work ready to work.
  • Attend all sales meetings (on time) and participate.
  • Adhere to a loose dress code (be neat, look professional).
  • Learn as much as possible about our products.
  • Learn as much as necessary about our competitors' products.
  • Work and communicate professionally with all departments and co-workers.
  • Set reasonable Quotas (goals) and do everything in my power to achieve them.
  • Keep myself aware of all products on the lot and put equal effort into selling them.
  • Participate in my own personal and career growth through training Seminars, audio recordings, books, etc, both those supplied by the company and obtained on my own.
  • Participate in and adhere to the rules / guidelines of a salespersons "up system".
  • Actively and enthusiastically demonstrate our products to every prospect.
  • Diligently follow-up with all prospects.
  • Turn each and every customer over to the Business Manager in a professional manner.
  • Be in attendance for every delivery.
  • Follow-up each sale with a call or email within 7 days of delivery, and again periodically to maintain a relationship with my clients.
  • Ask for referrals and encourage online reviews at time of delivery.
  • Work with management to deal with difficult customers and situations immediately.
  • Assist in keeping the inventory, lot, showroom, lunchroom, brochure rack, coffee bar, desk/office, etc; clean and professional.
  • Put price tags in units.
  • Help set-up display area (i.e.: Showroom, Outdoor Display areas,  RV Shows).
If you're a highly-motivated, likable, people oriented person with a knack for influencing others, we would love to hear from you.  Some face to face retail sales experience is preferred but not necessarily required.

For more information or to apply for the position please contact our Sales Manager Chris Graham or use the contact form on this page.